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Newport Glow Sunless Tanning
Hi, I’m Kathleen…

As an Owner & Air brush spray tan specialist, I am committed to deliver only the highest quality spray tan on Aquidenck Island and surroundings areas. I am a Native of Newport born and raised, and single mom. I only want to deliver the best experience possible to my clients and fellow Newporter’s. I started on this venture with the mindset that Spray tanning is the only way to get a healthy and safe tan. I am dedicated to using the highest quality spray products by Mellissa Weinberg creator and owner of Perfect Glow all organically based. I also received my certification thru Perfect Glow and was trained by a top professional Lisa Rua Tobiason owner of SoCal Glow. I have come to realize that airbrush tanning is an art form and a science. As your technician, I will make it my top priority in creating the perfect blend of colors to match your skin type and tone.

A Glimpse of Our Salon

About Our Product

I’m proud to exclusively use Melissa Weinberg’s award winning tanning products! Melissa is a South Florida spray tan expert and creator of a line of luxury, 5-star tanning products. This line will give you a natural looking, organic based, long-lasting, never orange tan with no worries of looking orange!

Melissa Weinberg Tanning & Beauty

The Benefits of Spray Tanning

A healthy glow

A spray tan can boost spirits during the long, cold winter and give a sun-kissed glow to anyone. Tanning sprays are just one of a variety of sunless tanning products that temporarily darken the skin without the need to spend time in the sun.

Lack of UV Rays

A clear pro when considering spray-on tans is that the artificial colorant does not cause damage to the skin as UV rays from the sun can. The chemical in tanning sprays is called DHA (dihydroxyacetone) and is approved by the FDA as a safe product to apply to the skin. Spray-on tans do not protect the user from the sun’s rays; protection in the way of sunscreen, hats and sunglasses is still important even when using sunless tan

Even Coverage

Spray-on tans provide even coverage, which looks much more natural than an angry red sunburn on the shoulders and across the nose, Air brush sprays can be easier to manage, especially if a professional administers the tan in a salon or spa setting. The deeper skin hue does not appear immediately. Most people notice results within 24 hours of receiving their treatment.